Digital Communication Specialist

Job description

The Digital Communication Specialist works in close relationship with the campaigners, the volunteer coordinator(s), the PR Manager and the Office Director to develop and implement the best approach to communicate to the public and present/future supporters about Greenpeace’s campaigns and activities.

The Digital Communication Specialist will: 

● Work closely with the campaigners in order to plan, develop and implement digital strategies; 

● Develop and implement Social Media, mobilization and digital fundraising strategies for our campaigns, in close cooperation with the campaigners and the PR; 

● Create professional and engaging multimedia content to reach the online population, key decision makers and powerful influencers to achieve campaign goals; 

● Write engaging copy for emails, newsletters, landing pages and Social Media channels; 

● Perform analyses on social media and website data and tailor strategies and tactics based on it; 

● Stay abreast of industry trends and innovation, including researching and proposing suitable new initiatives for online content and social media to meet strategic objectives;  

● Manage the budget; 

● Build a pool of freelance professionals to help design and produce multimedia content when required.


● Deep familiarity with Internet culture along with active participation on at least three different social media platforms; 

● Understanding of the digital communications landscape and how it influences social discourse; 

● Understanding of media monitoring and social media analytics tools and monitoring platforms; 

● Knowledge of environmental issues in general; 

● Advanced interpersonal and communication skills; 

● Extrovert personality; 

● Doer and positive attitude, willingness to proactively contribute to Greenpeace’s cause; 

● Strategic knowledge on managing social media channels; 

● Knowledge of and experience with Photoshop and production of visual materials would be a plus 

● Ability to learn new tools; 

● Proficient in spoken and written English.